Early season
In the early season there are many catches in the whole river. We are fishing both Kronolax beats and a private beat. Its a perfect start of the season. The catch is both salmon and seatrout with a good chance for very big ones.
Mid season
In May - June the main run of the great baltic salmon arrives to River Mörrum. Salmons in large numbers are entering the beautiful streams and you can't get a more perfect place to catch your biggest salmon. This time of year the normal size of a regular salmon is around 10 kg / 22 pounds. But it's possible to catch even bigger ones. (up to 20 kg)
Late season
The late season is the time when tha seatrout comes up in the river. The size of the seatrout is big and its very common with very big salmon at this time of year. We have the best dates on a very good beat and you live in a selfcatering cottage 20 m from the river. The fishing is 2-3 days. Dont miss this!

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